PRIVATE coaching on zwift

  • Are you a dedicated and hardcore Zwifter?  

  • Are you new to Zwift?

  •  Do you have no idea what Zwift is?  

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then Momentum Cycling is here to help you become a better cyclist and to get more out of what Zwift and your body have to offer.  

Zwift, for the uninitiated, is an online world where cyclists from around the globe can ride together (or against each other) in a fun, challenging and beautiful, virtual world.  

For those New to Zwift

Like the real world of road cycling, Zwift can be intimidating. It's easy to get lost on the various maps, and become overwhelmed with all of the tech features, riders blasting past and the array of numbers flashing up on the screen.  

Momentum Cycling coaches can meet you online for an Orientation Ride on Zwift.  We will be your co-pilot as you ride around Watopia (or London or Richmond). There to help you become familiarized with the various route options and clarify what all of the numbers and symbols on the screen mean and to help you discover the numerous features that Zwift has to offer.   

FOR the experienced zwifter

         What does all of the data mean?  We can help answer your questions

         What does all of the data mean?  We can help answer your questions

Are you guilty of riding around Watopia without any goals, targets or purpose?  Jumping on every rider that passes by, riding too hard then cracking and spending the rest of the ride feeling exhausted?

Are you unsure of what your Heart Rate, Cadence or Power Output should be on different terrain?  

Join Momentum Cycling for a Personal Coaching Session or a 1-on-1 Ride Along and we will answer all of your questions and teach you how to train more effectively and efficiently.  

Make your Training Count - Don’t just ride - Ride with Purpose

Momentum Cycling - Coaching Services on Zwift

All Zwift Sessions are totally customized to meet your personal  goals, needs and availability.  Book a time that is convenient for you and we will set up an audio feed and meet you in Zwift to help you reach your cycling goals. 

* All fees are in Canadian Dollars.  $50 Canadian is approximately equivalent to:

  • 38 US Dollars
  • 30 British Pounds
  • 35 Euros  

Zwift Orientation

We will cover all of the Zwift basics:

  • Map Choices and Schedules for Watopia, London and Richmond
  • How to adjust your Settings, chose your Bike and Gear
  • Choose the type of Ride: Work-Out, Free-Ride, Race
  • Keyboard Controls and Short Cuts
  • What all of the Numbers and Symbols mean and how to use them
  • Answer all of your Zwift questions as you ride around this virtual world

Duration of Session:  30 mins

Cost of Session:  $25 (CAD*)


Personal Coaching Session

We will act as your co-pilot as you cycle around Zwift:

  • Instruct you on how to most effectively use Cadence, Heart Rate and Power Output 
  • Guide you through a Personalized and Structured Work-Out
  • Provide immediate and constructive Feedback, Motivation and Instruction
  • Discuss and practice Race Strategies and Tactics
  • Monitor you through an FTP test or Zwift Race
  • Answer all of your specific training, racing and technical questions

Duration of Session:  60 mins

Cost of Session:  $50 (CAD*)


1-on-1 ride along

Much like the Personal Coaching Session but this session has you riding directly with a Momentum Cycling Coach:

  • Lead you through a Personalized and Structured Work-Out 
  • Practice riding in Pace Lines
  • Do Sprint and Lead Out drills
  • Help pace you while chasing KOM's or Personal Goals
  • Explore specific Climbing, Sprinting and Time Trial skills and techniques
  • Practice the implementation of Race Tactics and Strategies

Duration of Session:  60 mins

Cost of Session:  $75 (CAD*)